Young Onset Dementia Training

The needs of people living with young onset dementia are unique and often complex, as a result The Peaceful Place believes the best way of ensuring these needs are met is by investing in its staff and volunteers, providing them with the training and support required to respond effectivley.

Whilst many off the shelf dementia training programs are available none we were able to identify addressed in any depth the specific needs of younger people. In response to this we took the decision in 2011 to develop our own programme. Our aim is that working with Mindset2 we will be able to give others supporting with people living with young onset dementia the opportunity to benefit from this work.

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Working with Yve White-Smith and her associates from Mindset2  we have been developing an accredited programme of learning specific to people living with young onset dementia.

The programme has been developed building on the following assumptions:


The Mindset2 Approach

The course delivers an education and learning programme to facilitate ongoing improvement and development that will support knowledge, personal development and team leadership within the staff group, whilst supporting implementation of theory to practice on a daily basis.

Established staff members have the opportunity to further develop their skills through building on their existing knowledge and learning to achieve a formally recognised qualification in health and social care. This qualification has been adapted to reflect the needs of the younger person living with dementia whilst still meeting the governance and content standards of the awarding organisation and OFQUAL. This group of staff will be undertaking a programme to support their achievement of a Level Three dementia certificate (QCF).

New staff members will have opportunity to learn from peers as well as accessing specialist education and training, which will enable them to develop their skills, competency and knowledge. This group will be undertaking a course of study that will support their achieving a Level Two QCF qualification. Undertaking this programme of learning will help to regulate and monitor the standard of competency in the staff group, whilst allowing for changes in personnel and the expansion of the service delivery model offered by The Peaceful Place.

In order to be sustainable, cost effective and practice-focused, the learning approach is  blended, and includes building on theoretical input and training already delivered to the established staff group. Also, development of an action learning and study buddy approach will further disseminate the expertise of the tutor and the Champions to the wider staff group via workplace-based learning, virtual webimars and relevant self-directed distance learning.

Structured work-based action learning with specialist tutors (delivering against clearly defined learning outcomes) begins by providing the learners with an extended theoretical baseline on which to develop their skills and competencies. Development is tested through ongoing formative assessment that will include reflective learning logs, action learning and study groups, quizzes, assignments and work-based tasks and peer witness review.
Use of workplace-based action learning and ‘study buddy networks’ allows for individual and team development and direct knowledge transfer to the care setting.

Use of technologies such as Skype or email allows booked specialist tutor input to Champions during the early cascade period, including reflective discussion of work-based practice and Q&A sessions.Continued use of reflective journals and individual learning portfolios will provide evidence of personal and service development (against national standards) for personal accreditation and to satisfy external review bodies as required.

Final summative assessment are undertaken by workbook completion for each unit undertaken.

For more information on how you can access Dementia Training specifically aimed at those working with people living with young onset dementia give us a call or contact Mindset2 directly.

or click below to visit the Mindset2 website.

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